The PULS coin and how it can revive PoW
Iulian Nita
The PULS coin and how it can revive PoW

As the second largest traded cryptocurrency, Ethereum is very well-known, and so is the Merge that happened in mid-September. The upgrade shifted ETH from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Most crypto enthusiasts, especially ETH miners, were left stranded by the change.

What is PULS Coin and how does it work?

With this PULS coin, a distinct PoW blockchain was born. The coin aims to reap the benefits of proof-of-work mining by utilizing sustainable processes anchored on renewable energy. 

The Pulsar team intends to transition Proof-of-Work into a sustainable and scalable consensus mechanism. The goal is to tap into underutilized methods, such as renewable energy, miner auditing, and equipment recycling, to make PULS mining green and decentralized.


Pulsar Chain incorporates three essential standards: the W3C, ESBI, and the Web5 initiative. The main focus is on self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials, which align with the guiding standards.

Some prominent PULS backers are John Lilic, Andriana Bancu, and Eric Andres.  

Moreover, PULS is anchored on a non-profit Pulsar Foundation based in Switzerland. The foundation will support the Pulsar ecosystem, particularly on sustainability and efficient development issues. 

PULS Tokenomics

Token name: Pulsar (PULS)

Decimals: 18

Initial Token Supply: 100,000,000, minted on genesis

Total supply: 667,648,000

For mining: 378,432,000

Green Reward: 189,216,000

Support for PULS

Ultimately, the future of cryptocurrency mining is great. The PoW consensus mechanism promises more good than harm. The environmental concerns that PoS sought to address are valid and cannot be ignored. The solution, however, lies in innovative alternatives to power crypto mining, such as renewable energy, that will be used in PULS mining. 

The sustainable proof-of-work (PoW) system that will be used in PULS mining will not only solve the challenges that PoS seeks to address but also leverage the good of the original PoW system.

The Bottom Line

Pulsar Chain is a sustainable, community-centric PoW blockchain. The team focuses primarily on sustainability as it serves the needs of miners. Although the Merge and proof of stake promise a more energy-efficient ecosystem, the PULS developers intend to offer environmental sustainability coupled with innovation and stability. 

Investing in PULS is a worthwhile endeavor because we are committed to keeping PulsarChain a PoW blockchain forever.

And the systems are all set. Miners can now experiment with sustainable Proof-of-Work and watch the network at work. Still, they can transfer PULS test tokens back and forth inside the Pulsar Chain test network.

For more information about our project, visit the Pulsar Chain website, where you can find the project’s whitepaper, and join our Telegram community for related discussions.

Disclaimer: Readers should keep in mind that the information contained in this article does not constitute investment advice. The ideas and strategies presented should not be used to make any investment before assessing your financial situation and consulting a financial professional.

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