Add the Pulsar Test Net to Metamask
Add the Pulsar Test Net to Metamask
A sustainable
Ethereum Ecosystem
Pulsar preserves the Proof-of-Work values and allows miners to stay sustainably involved.
Add the Pulsar Test Net to Metamask
A new sustainable Ethereum PoW
With the launch of the Ethereum merge, one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies to date disposes of the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm.

We believe Proof-of-Work consensus is superior. It maintains the core blockchain values of decentralization and democratization as intended by Satoshi and ensures a secure, reliable cryptocurrency.
The built-in advantages of PoW. Decentralization and Reliability
Your investment is a vote for Proof-of-Work values.

We believe that the Proof-of-Stake consensus may lead to a greater degree of centralization and disregards the central ethos of blockchain.

With the introduction of The Merge, part of the community will want to stay invested with the initial proposals. This is precisely the value of Pulsar. This ecosystem continues the Ethereum legacy, creates a dynamic ecosystem for building DApps and addresses the energy issue.
Initial supply
Total supply
Block reward
The world is shifting towards green energy. Countries are committed to use renewable energy.
Pulsar incentivizes miners to take green action and offers double block reward the reward to participants with diminished carbon footprint. It does not force the community to scrap working equipment. Instead, it motivates participants to invest in a sustainable blockchain infrastructure.
24 PULS/block for Green Miners
12 PULS/block for Regular Miners

A project supported by the corporate environment, NGOs and governmental institutions

Committed for creating a tradable PULS token with great market value
The Pulsar Chain's native token is PULS and it represents the core component of the ecosystem's internal cryptoeconomics.
Trading campaigns
Market liquidity
Top CEXs and DEXs
Possibility of arbitrage
Contributors to core Ethereum project
Visionary Investor and Advisor. John has been involved in building blockchains projects for a decade. His work includes Ethereum, ConsenSys and Polygon. 
University lecturer, blockchain architect and innovation leader. Iulian has been a main contributor in many international projects: EBSI (European Blockchain Service Infrastructure), Equalizer Finance, Tezos and EFTG.
As one of the founding Ethereum developers, Marian built the funding platform for Ethereum in 2014. He went on to start multiple companies in blockchain development and blockchain analytics (Ethstats)
A brilliant software architect with more than 15 years of experience building complex systems, Adrian is an expert blockchain specialist leading various blockchain development teams.
A lawyer by education, Faraz has been building blockchain products since 2017. He went on to start multiple start-ups in Food Tech and software development.
20+ years as an international lawyer and financial advisor, bridging the old and new economy. CMS-BFL, Intuitae
With 20 years of experience leading development teams in the most successful technology companies, Alex is a seasoned technologist.
Senior Project Manager with more than 12 years of experience in Information and Communication Technologies. Passionate about new technologies, he loves the endless possibilities of blockchain.
An expert Full-Stack developer building blockchain applications since 2017, Valentin leads our Mobile and Web development team.
CEO of Spherity GmbH.
An expert Full-Stack developer building blockchain applications since 2017, Valentin leads our Mobile and Web development team.
CEO of Spherity GmbH.
Co-founder of Sustainable Bitcoin Standard.
President of Ethereum-France.
Lead architect of EBSI and SSI
Environmental Solutions Architect - Protocol Labs. Climate & Web3.
See Pulsar in action
Experiment with sustainable Proof-of-Work and watch the network at work. Transfer PULS test tokens back and forth inside the Pulsar test network.
Pulsar will support all Web 3.0 endeavors and integrate them with the platform
Seed investment round
White Paper, Pitch Deck, Tokenomics, Branding, Online Presence
Launch the Test Net, Block explorer, Netstats dashboard
Swiss Foundation incorporation
Start the private investment round
Start the first marketing campaign
Present the project at Web Summit (Lisboa)
Trademark registration
Build the core and the advisor team
Expand the team
Finalize the public sell
Finalize the core protocol development
Launch the second wave of marketing campaigns
Increase the brand awareness at top conferences
Get listed on top DEXs and CEXs
Launch the Main-Net and all the basic tools for infrastructure
Put in the place the renewable energy audit and reward methodology
Start the integration of the first dApps
Launch the Pulsar Chain Wallet (SSI, DID and VC compatible)
Enhance the infrastructure tools and partnership for service providers
Integrate web3 use cases: SSI, VC, NFT, DeFi
Launch the third wave of marketing campaigns
Enhance the core protocol with new scalability solutions
Start the Ambassador program
Represent the project in top blockchain conferences
Develop a vibrant ecosystem of web3 use cases that are interoperable
Be listed in more CEXs and DEXs
First edition of the Pulsar Chain Summit
Partnerships with Renewable energy leaders/NGOs
Launch Pulsar Chain Native Stablecoin
Facilitate eco-friendly mining equipment(home usage)
Get a more in-depth understanding of Pulsar
Learn all about the project
Learn all about the project
Learn all about the project